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Newest Pilots

ID Name Base
AAL522 Trevor King   KLAX
AAL521 Carlos Labastilla   KMIA
AAL520 Antonino SchirĂ²   KLGA
AAL519 Jorge Pinto   KLGA
AAL518 Sloan Halliday   KCLT
AAL517 Rafael Letras   KMIA
AAL516 Max Pollack   KPHL
AAL515 Jonathan Kost   KDFW

Recent Arrivals

Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Equipment Flt Time
AAL084 AAL1039 KMSY KCLT A320 01.37 Hour/s
AAL027 AAL3097 KPHX KSLC CRJ-700 01.28 Hour/s
AAL511 AAL994 KJAX KCLT A319 01.03 Hour/s
AAL366 AAL1247 KMIA KJFK B777-223ER 02.29 Hour/s
AAL511 AAL2887 KMIA KJAX A319 01.15 Hour/s
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