Philadelphia, PA - PHL

The City of Brotherly Love

The Philadelphia International Airport is American Airlines' 5th largest hub and serves as another connection gateway to the Northeast, Europe, and some Caribbean destinations. AAG owns more than 70% of the passenger share here making it another key piece to the intricate route network.

PHL Based Pilots: 5   Miles to PHL: 123153
Flights from PHL: 131   Total Hours: 609.18
Routes using PHL: 1190   From PHL: 275.58
Total Miles: 220611   Hours To PHL: 333.6
Miles from PHL: 97458   PHL Charts: Click Here
VATSIM METAR: KPHL 012054Z 23006KT 10SM FEW150 BKN300 11/M01 A3014 RMK AO2 SLP205 T01061011 56009 $
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Base Pilot Roster

Pilot Rank Hours Flights
AAL102 - Hector I Mendez Falto
Group II First Officer
AAL244 - Ayden Adair
Group I First Officer
AAL282 - David Tomlinson
Group II First Officer
AAL296 - Aiden Purner
Group II First Officer
AAL332 - Jeffrey Lansberry
Group I First Officer

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