Our Fleet

Embraer ERJ-145
Variant: ERJ-145 Seating: MCE: 3
M: 47
Bombardier CRJ-200/700/900
Variant: CRJ-200 Seating: M: 50
Variant: CRJ-700 Seating: F: 6-9
MCE: 8-16
M: 40-48
Variant: CRJ-900 Seating: F: 9-12
MCE: 11-24
M: 40-58
Embraer ERJ-170/175
Variant: ERJ-170 Seating: F: 12
MCE: 20
M: 33
Variant: ERJ-175 Seating: F: 12
MCE: 20
M: 44
CAT I Historic Fleet
ATR-72, Saab 340, ERJ-135, ERJ-140
Airbus A319/A320
Variant: A319 Seating: F: 8
MCE: 24
M: 96
Variant: A320 Seating: F: 12
MCE: 18
M: 120
Airbus A321/A321neo/A321 Transcon
Variant: A321 Seating: F: 16
MCE: 15-36
M: 129-156
Variant: A321neo Seating: F: 20
MCE: 47
M: 129
Variant: A321 Transcon Seating: FF: 10
B: 20
MCE: 36
M: 36
Boeing 737-800/MAX 8
Variant: B737-800 Seating: F: 16
MCE: 30
M: 114-126
Variant: B737 MAX8 Seating: F: 16
MCE: 30
M: 126
CAT II Historic Fleet
ERJ-190, MD-80, MD-83
Boeing 777-200/777-300ER
Variant: B777-200ER Seating: B: 37
PE: 24
MCE: 66
M: 146
Variant: B777-300ER Seating: FF: 8
B: 52
PE: 28
MCE: 28
M: 188
Boeing 787-8/787-9
Variant: B787-8 Seating: B: 20
PE: 28
MCE: 48
M: 138
Variant: B787-9 Seating: B: 30
PE: 21
MCE: 34
M: 200
CAT III Historic Fleet
A300, B757-200, B767-200, B767-300, A330-200, A330-300

Seating Key: FF: Flagship First | F: First Class | B: Business Class | PE: Premium Economy | MCE: Main Cabin Extra | M: Main Cabin


About Our Fleet


Our fleet resembles the same fleet that you would find when booking a flight in the real-world American Airlines system. We have taken a different approach from the normal and have divided our fleet into three different groups of aircraft based on their configuration and purpose. Group I is made up of aircraft found in the AAG regional fleet and operated by partners under their American Eagle brand. Group II is made up of very versatile narrowbody mainline American Airlines aircraft operating through the domestic and international markets. Group III consists of our heavy aircraft fleet which operates primarily throughout the international market but also completes high density domestic routing as well.

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