Chicago, IL - ORD

Touching down in the Windy City

The Chicago O'Hare International Airport is affectionately known as "O'Hare" and is in a constant battle with ATL - Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson as the busiest airport in the United States. Boasting a very impressive list of over 225 destinations with it's 8 runways makes it extremely impressive to say the least. AAG operates over 45% of the total passenger share out of ORD.

ORD Based Pilots: 35   Miles to ORD: 432041
Flights from ORD: 623   Total Hours: 2411.85
Routes using ORD: 2273   From ORD: 1230.18
Total Miles: 892786   Hours To ORD: 1181.67
Miles from ORD: 460745   ORD Charts: Click Here
VATSIM METAR: KORD 261751Z 10013KT 10SM BKN018 BKN250 19/17 A3009 RMK AO2 SLP187 60019 T01940172 10200 20178 58006
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